Ethical and Fair Creators Association

The internet has led to massive re-use of content and ideas. The cost reductions at any particular newspaper or magazine lead to ever decreasing numbers of authentic journalists. It is also difficult for starting artists like musicians, writers and entrepreneurs more in general, to get remunerated for their creations, because there is currently no (affordable) way to protect authentic ideas. We need to change this model of re-use that has become nearly mainstream and try to protect the added value of authenticity. Because we do have some serious challenges ahead on this planet and therefore we need exactly the opposite: more authentic creators. This will lead to more innovation and new ideas for improving and protecting our society. Capitalism and globalisation should normally, theoretically, be good for the people on this planet. But several loopholes in the practical execution of these economic models have led to frustration with many people in the Western world, which became visible during elections held recently. The rich are getting richer, while the poor are getting poorer. And after investing a lot of time and resources in developing new authentic creations, entrepreneurs see their ideas being copied and commercialised on the other side of the planet, at lower cost. These are 2 of the typical frustrations people have experienced in the Western world. In the East and South, on the other hand, there are more developing economies and with the actual intellectual property system, it is almost impossible for a smart entrepreneur in those regions to compete with an entrepreneur in the developed economies of the West. Because the system to protect ideas with patents is relatively much more expensive and thus practically inaccessible for people located in developing economies. Read more.

The Ethical and Fair Creators Association is registered as an association under French law.